Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Plattenbau 1
Wikipedia auf Englisch defines Plattenbau as "the German word for a building whose structure is constructed of large, prefabricated concrete slabs, a method often found in communist architecture in central and eastern Europe. The word is a compound of Platte (slab) and Bau (building)."

In Leipzig most of the Plattenbaus have been "modernized," i.e. painted up in bright colors.

Plattenbau 2
On the long drag of student dormitory Plattenbaus. This one looks like it is inhabited by families, though.

Plattenbau 4
Same complex, around the corner.

Plattenbau 3
My anti-Plattenbau sentiment is pretty strong, although for the German readers out there I recommend this essay froma young Wessi who learned to love Plattenbau. "Christina, 21, aus Hessen wohnt seit über einem Jahr in ihrer Traumwohnung im Plattenbau. Früher dachte sie, dass hier der Klassenkampf tobt. Heute gießen die Nachbarn ihre Blümchen." Tja.


Anonymous metronom said...

mehr zum plattenbau gibt es beim PlattenBlatt, der kultigen plattenbauzeitung unter:

September 19, 2009 8:31 AM  

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