Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tasten / Buttons

Fahrrad Richtungen

Bee & Flower

I wasn't that into this band, but just going to the venue is worth the admission price.

Wechselhaftes Wetter

Hotel Berlin

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar
One of the things I like about Berlin is that there is always some new place that you haven't been to. And that place is awesome. From now on, I want to go to at least one new place every time I visit.

The Hotel Bar (not actually in a hotel). Who's that down below, with the guitar?

Mr. Maher

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weathering the Weather

"Where are you from?"

"From the northeast. From Pennsylvania."

"What's the weather like there?"

"Like here, only a little bit warmer."

"So, like Italy?"

"No, not like Italy."

"Like France, then."

"Yes, like France."

[pause] "Do you speak French?"

"Uh, no. Only German."

Warschauer Neon

Warschauer Brücke
The Warschauer Bridge in Kreuzberg. This instillation definitely involved miles of both duct tape and extension cord.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park
My favorite cafe in Berlin. Part Soviet Kitsch, but with legitimately good Russian food.

Flohmarkt / Fleamarket

Flohmarkt 2

Flohmarkt 1

Denkmal fuer die ermordeten Juden Europas

Berlin Denkmal 1
Construction on this memorial had only just begun when I was last in Berlin. Literally translated, it's for the murdered Jews of Europe. The brochure gives a very delicate explanation as to why they didn't include everybody else on this one. Memorials for murdered homosexuals, Sinti, and Roma are supposedly in the works.

Anyway, this memorial knocked my socks off. It pulls you in like the Vietnam Memorial, only more so.

Berlin Denkmal 2

Berlin Denkmal 3

Back from Berlin


I just came back from my little vacation. Expect photos from all around the city over the next few days.

The view from my friends' apartment in Neukölln.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Waschsalon / Laundromat

"I haven't yet seen a Laundromat in Germany. Or a dryer."

"I think there aren't any. I've never been in a Laundromat in my life."



"What do you call Laundromats in German?"

"Waschsalon. I have this idea that it's this kind of romantic place, where you go late at night to wash your clothes and meet somebody."

"That's ridiculous. It's just what you see in the movies."

"But what was the Waschsalon in your neighborhood in New York like?"

"It really wasn't that nice... it was open 24 hours a day, and had hundreds of washing machines. It was really very sterile. [pause] But at college, we had a nice Waschsalon. I always went there on Sundays, put my dirty clothes in, and sat and did my reading for school..."

"See? [accusatory finger] 'Oh, it was so nice to go there and do my reading.' You feel the exact same way."

"Fair enough. But I never met anybody while I was there."

Translated liberally from the German by, er, me.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Doors in the Mountain

Mountain Doors

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Neon Boardwalk

More Jersey.

The Garden State

For whatever reason, New Jersey has been coming up a lot in conversations here. I always want to tell them everything, about boardwalks, funnel cake, roundabouts, seagulls, skeeball, and the parkway. More than a get-to-know-you conversation can reasonably stand. I might just start carrying around photos of New Jersey in my wallet.




Sunday, October 08, 2006

Der Schrebergarten

Schrebergarten 1
Leipzig's Schrebergarten, or Kleingarten, are swaths of land divided into small plots, privately owned by residents of the city. Until today I had no idea how big Leipzig's Kleingarten system was. There are several different communities, and hundreds, maybe even a thousand separate plots.

Schrebergarten 7
The view from inside. None of these alleys are named, but the gardens each have a number, often incorporated into the gate design.

Schrebergarten 2

Schrebergarten 3

Schrebergarten 4

Schrebergarten 5

Schrebergarten 6

Schrebergarten 8
The eastward view, towards Gohlis.

Der Spielplatz

Spielplatz 1
I found this gem of a playground tucked away inside one of the Kleingartenverein. Let's get a closer look at that sign:

Spielplatz 2
The German symbol for "don't do that" is a red ring around the image, speed limit, etc. This may seem ambiguous to you. It is. Just remember: red means no!

Die Eisenbahn

Eisenbahn 1
When I emerged from the Kleingartenverein, I found myself on the bank of the canal. To the east of the canal I noticed an unusual, narrow-gage rail line.

EIsenbahn 2
Closer inspection confirmed my suspicions.

Eisenbahn 3
I caught up with this little guy at the station. It pulled 10 small open-air cars behind it and took a loop around the Auensee.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Das Selbstbildnis


Monday, October 02, 2006

Das Risenrad / The Ferris Wheel

Das Riesenrad / The Ferris Wheel
The man standing there was the operator.

Enten / Ducks

Enten / Ducks